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Motherhood Dilemmas

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, everyone starts celebrating mothers as these awesome beings of love, sacrifice, and multitasking. All 100% true. But we’re also women human, you know? Imperfect, complicated and contradictory. As much as love and all that other stuff is a part of who we are, so are motherhood dilemmas. So why do we put on a brave front… Read more →

Back When I was Stuck in a Job I Hated

I used to be stuck in a job I hated. Well, it was not so much the job but the working environment. So toxic! The only way I could tolerate the stupid policies and people was by leaving my brain outside the office. However, for financial and personal reasons, I couldn’t quit. I wish my story was unique but it’s not. Just… Read more →

Mama, What is Sex?

I had my ostrich head jolted out of the sand by one of the topics at a parenting talk at Anne’s kindergarten. ‘Mama, apa itu seks?‘. (Mama, what is sex?) Holy @!$&*%. I didn’t even know the word ‘sex’ until like, what – 11? But that didn’t mean I was oblivious to it until then. I just didn’t know how to… Read more →

Parenthood – A Competitive Sport?

Everyone tells you how wonderful/crazy/rewarding/tiring/special the journey of parenting is. What they fail to mention is – it’s also very competitive and social media has added fuel to fire. When I first became a parent, I was excited and relieved to find all kinds of social media groups on parenting. I went on a group joining spree and suddenly my Facebook… Read more →

The Book Guzzler Post

Books and me – we’re till death do us part. As in fiction or semi-fiction lah. The studying kinds knock me out like an anesthetic. When sleep wasn’t as precious as it is now, I used to stay up all night reading. These days, I read whenever I can grab a few minutes to myself, especially before bedtime. Here are four… Read more →

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