Parenthood – A Competitive Sport?

Everyone tells you how wonderful/crazy/rewarding/tiring/special the journey of parenting is. What they fail to mention is – it’s also very competitive and social media has added fuel to fire. When I first became a parent, I was excited and relieved to find all kinds of social media groups on parenting. I went on a group joining spree and suddenly my Facebook… Read more →

Buried in Writing

I suppose it’s ironic that November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I’ve been writing and writing like crazy. Except nothing ends up on the blog because it’s all been for assignments! As interesting as my assignments have been, I missed writing for the sake of writing. Just me in the quiet of the morning with my coffee and… Read more →

The Book Guzzler Post

Books and me – we’re till death do us part. As in fiction or semi-fiction lah. The studying kinds knock me out like an anesthetic. When sleep wasn’t as precious as it is now, I used to stay up all night reading. These days, I read whenever I can grab a few minutes to myself, especially before bedtime. Here are four… Read more →

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