Hi! I’m Sharmini Marilyn.

Reading and writing have always been an escape mechanism for me. I escaped the loneliness of my childhood growing up in the oil palm plantations of Malaysia by burying myself in Enid Blyton books. I even wrote a children’s mystery book using my mother’s old typewriter when I was eleven. Heh! Where can you find a typewriter these days except in a museum? Those childish books and stories naturally gave way to more mature themes as I grew and moved to Sabah when I was a teenager. Jungle trekking and camping in the rainforests of Borneo has left me with indelible┬ámemories – not all of them wonderful. If you’ve seen leeches, you’ll understand what I mean. When it was time to chose my career, I quite blindly picked computer engineering and graduated with a gold medal.

The writing kinda sputtered off for a while as I launched into working life but then it picked up again when my friends and I started a blog together. Nothing profound. Just your average gaggle of girls bitching about life and laughing about it. And then you know, I got married, had kids, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da until I landed in a job I loathed with every fiber in me and once again writing became my lifeline to sanity.

So, welcome to my page. Relax, browse through and don’t take me too seriously. Because I don’t either.

If you’d like to give me a shout out, please do. I’d love to hear from you.

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