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My Rose

The clock on my laptop snaps to 9:59AM. I grab the Prozac off my cluttered desk and quickly walk over to my living room window. My third-floor apartment overlooks a row of shops on a quiet street. A few scraps of paper skitter about in the breeze. An itch creeps up my face and I scratch at my week old beard. I… Read more →

Once upon a time in a treehouse

This isn’t exactly the romantic picnic I had in mind when Jonathan invited me to spend the day at his uncle’s orchard. I crush a red ant between my fingers. Die, you bastard, die! “Babe, are you okay?”  Jonathan peers over my shoulder. I rub the spot on my calf that’s still stinging. “Is there somewhere less… dangerous, we can move… Read more →

Death by train

As another train barrels into the station, I check Google Maps again, nibbling my lower lip. Then I squint at the train timetable, trying to figure out if this is my ride. The train judders to a stop, expels a rush of passengers and races away again before I can decide. It isn’t until the crowd has streamed to the exit do I… Read more →

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