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If I had a ringgit for every time someone said, “Your dark circles are quite bad”, I’d be stinkin’ rich. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Over more than 10 years, I’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands of ringgit on eye creams, concealers and eye treatments that failed to deliver their promised help. I was looking increasingly tired and haggard but finally last year, I gave up my struggle. I didn’t like looking at the mirror but I consoled myself that there are worse things in life and that at some point, you just gotta accept the aging process and genetic traits. So, it was completely by accident that I discovered tear trough rejuvenation – a.k.a, a magic wand that turns back the clock under the eyes to its pre-dark circle days.

Really? Yes, really. I’m sacrificing my dignity here by showing you my makeup free face but you n.e.e.d to see my ‘before and after’ photos.


I may look super zen in the ‘before’ photo, but let me tell you, I was a bundle of nerves. Unlike anything I’ve tried before, this procedure involved needles. Near my eyes, no less! As soon as I walked into NextMed Clinic though, Tiffany immediately put me at ease with her bright smile and ‘you are in good hands’ demeanor. Plus, one of the first things I noticed in their cozy reception area was an entire wall of Dr.Alicia’s accolades and qualifications. Extremely reassuring! (Click here for the online version of it).

Tear trough rejuvenationAfter the prerequisite registration was done, Tiffany led me to have my make up removed and my ‘before’ photographs taken. Then, I went in for my consultation with Dr.Alicia. I learned that my dark circles and lines were due to aging and hereditary factors which caused my tear troughs (the hollow between the lower eyelid and cheek) to sink. There is literally no eye serum on earth to fix that. The safest way to restore the area is to use dermal fillers administered with tiny injections. Here, I had some concerns and Dr.Alicia expertly addressed them.

Q: Is there any downtime? (A busy mum can’t afford ‘sick’ days!)

A: None at all.


Q: What are the side effects?

A: Usually slight redness, bruising and swelling which will disappear in a few days and should not interfere with your daily life.


Q: How long will the filler last?

A: Up to a year if you take the proper steps. Because the filler is basically hyaluronic acid (a natural substance in skin that has the amazing ability to attract and store vast amounts of moisture), you need to make sure you are always properly hydrated.


Q: What if I develop an allergic reaction after the procedure?

A: We’ll dissolve the filler with a hyaluronidase (a natural enzyme found in our body) injection and it will be absorbed by the body harmlessly.

During Procedure

Tear trough rejuvenation

Feeling better knowing there was a “Ctrl-Z” if things didn’t go as planned, I went into the pristine treatment room. As Dr.Alicia and Tiffany chatted with me, it really started to feel like I was about to have a facial. At the first needle prick, I was totally surprised. Barely any pain- like a 1.5 out of 10! I know everyone has varying levels of pain tolerance but if you can stand having blackheads removed, eyebrows threaded/plucked and your legs waxed, tear trough rejuvenation is nothing. I didn’t need any numbing cream because the dermal filler (Hyabell) contains Lidocaine, an anesthetic that temporarily numbs the area. The whole procedure took about 30 minutes with Dr.Alicia alternating between injecting, gently massaging my tear troughs and checking the progress.

When we were done, I was stunned by the immediate effect! Despite reading about tear trough rejuvenation online and seeing other people’s ‘before and after’ photos, I never thought it could happen to me. Dr.Alicia’s skill was very apparent in my natural looking results.


Tear trough rejuvenationBefore I left, Tiffany gave me an after-care note which was very thoughtful of NextMed. I suppose I’m not the only one who forgets everything that I just signed off on in the consent form and Dr.Alicia’s explanations, 5 minutes after leaving the clinic. Heh.

For the first two days after the procedure, my tear troughs were a little red, swollen and sore to touch (again like a 1.5 out of 10). But no one noticed and my kids were still squishing my face to plant sloppy kisses.

* * *

It’s been a week since my tear trough rejuvenation and I must say, it’s not just my eyes that has been restored, it’s my confidence too. I’m happier facing life looking fresh and healthy instead of prematurely old and permanently tired.



Watch the full video of my visit to NextMed Clinic here:

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