Motherhood Dilemmas

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, everyone starts celebrating mothers as these awesome beings of love, sacrifice, and multitasking. All 100% true. But we’re also women human, you know? Imperfect, complicated and contradictory. As much as love and all that other stuff is a part of who we are, so are motherhood dilemmas.

So why do we put on a brave front and try so hard to appear like we’ve got this? No. We don’t always ‘got this’, okay? Here’s why: It wasn’t too long ago that we were little b*tches who didn’t have to think about anyone but ourselves. The continuous internal battle between the (incumbent) selfish and (newcomer) selfless parts results in motherhood dilemmas.

Phew. I feel so intellectual right now. *Adjusts sexy-librarian spectacles.*

But it feels good to know you’re not alone, doesn’t it? Because these #firstworldproblems are real…

motherhood dilemmas


And confusing…

motherhood dilemmas

And annoying…

motherhood dilemmas

And very, very difficult.

motherhood dilemmas


How do you find the perfect balance? Is there even such a thing as the perfect balance? Does it get easier the longer you’re a mother? Heck if I knew. If I did, this post would be named ‘The Answer to Motherhood Dilemmas’.

To every mother who is reading this and going Gawd! Yes!, stand proud woman. Despite the odds stacked against you, you’re doing a bangin’ good job. You are the best mother for your children. Remember that on the days when you have to be your own cheerleader.

This Mother’s Day, Iet us appreciate our own mothers for triumphing over the dilemmas they faced while raising us. And let us be kind to ourselves as we wing i.e. bantai our mascaras, motherhood, and life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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