Shopping at Kinokuniya with ShopBack Malaysia (A Review)

When I heard of ShopBack Malaysia, a site that rewards your online shopping with cashbacks, I thought: This is a scam for sure. Like seriously, who does that? I asked around, checked out other reviews online and realised that I have been living my small town life for too long! I feel like such an ignorant little frog living under a coconut shell now.

ShopBack is not only legit, it is The Coolest Thing Ever. You literally earn cash in your bank account while you shop with over 1300 global and local e-retailers. And I’m not talking about Ah Chong Sdn Bhd here people. All the big names like Lazada, Taobao, AirAsia and are on it. No wonder it is the most popular cashback site in Malaysia.


how shopback malaysia works
Merchants reward ShopBack for referring you to them. ShopBack shares the commissions with you.


It’s next to impossible to get so many things here in Bintulu and when I saw the endless possibilities on ShopBack Malaysia, my mind went blank. It’s like going to a buffet when you’re starving – where to start?! Well, like I always say, when in doubt, start with dessert. That would be books for those of you who are not familiar with bookworm-speak.


merchants om shopback malaysia
On average, cashbacks are from 10% – 1%


There are a few book merchants on the site but for my first purchase, I chose the promos and discounts on Kinokuniya mainly because I am familiar with the brand. You can also read books and get cashbacks on The Book Depository or surprise, surprise, Lazada too.


earn cashback with shopback malaysia
Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Spent RM30.40 and earned 5% from it. It becomes redeemable within 30 – 60 days if there are no cancellations/returns/exchanges.


What is the bonus about, you ask? When you sign up via a friend, you immediately get RM5 and another RM5 upon making your first purchase. So, yes, of course, we’re friends. Sign up with me. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


referrals on shopback malaysia
Earn through referrals.


Hang on, before you start shopping, you need to know a couple of things first:

  • With online shopping, someone must be around to receive the package. Use your office address if you can. I hate playing a cat and mouse game with the delivery guy.
  • Make sure you get redirected from ShopBack Malaysia to the other merchants. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the cashbacks.
  • Every merchant has their own T&Cs like different cashback rates for new and existing customers, etc.
  • To cash out, you must have a minimum of RM10 “Redeemable” cashback in your ShopBack account. Any “Bonus” cashback will not count toward the RM10 cash out requirement.
  • If you get into any trouble, their Help Center will be glad to… well, help.
  • Be a smart consumer, compare prices and read the fine print.

That’s about it really. So, go forth and earn while you shop!


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