Two Birthdays and an Anniversary

Happy 1st anniversary to my blog! Thank you for sticking with me for a year – man, that’s a long time. A lot of romantic relationships don’t make it this far. And if you’ve just joined me, welcome and feel free to linger.

As cliche as this sounds, I can’t believe it’s March 2017! Like, seriously? Both Anne and me celebrated our birthdays – quietly at home. It was all about loving and being loved. I can laugh now when I remember my first birthday after she was born but I was so freaking miserable then. She was 2 weeks old and I was home alone, shivering and shaking with high fever and rock-hard breasts – mastitis. I was desperate for my old life back and mystified over this instant-unconditional mother’s love that everyone was talking about. Why wasn’t I feeling it? All I knew was, I was duty-bound to keep this little human being alive.

Only much, much later I learned that I wasn’t weird. When you feel like you’ve been hit by a speeding freight train and are practically blind with exhaustion, it can take a little while for that love to bloom through your wreck of emotions. I only wish I had saved myself the guilt trips and talked to someone about it.

This birthday as the girls hopped from foot to foot around me, singing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ at the top of their shrill voices, I know I love them fiercely.

The Mr. was asking me what I wanted for my birthday but I honestly couldn’t think of anything. I have enough stuff. But then, one of my best friends (and one of the strongest women I know) revolutionised my mind. She went skydiving for her birthday. It was a light bulb moment for me. That feeling of empowerment when you achieve something for yourself – that’s a great gift right there. Well, I’m too much of a chicken to go skydiving (even if the tandem instructor is smoking hot) but the next best thing that I could think of in Bintulu was working out. Like for real this time with a proper trainer and strength training program. So that’s what I asked him for and I started bright and early on my birthday. My muscles are screaming in protest now.

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