Back to School (Part 2) – An Ordinary Day

If I had the luxury of time, I’m perfectly content to sit by myself at a cafe and people watch for hours. I find it very fascinating to observe people doing ordinary things because it’s so different from my ordinary things. It’s those hundreds of moments between an Instagram picture and a Facebook status update that tells the real story. So if you were a fly on my wall, here’s what you might see…


6.00 A.M. : Alarm on phone rings. Snooze it.

6.10 A.M. : Alarm rings again. Snooozzeeeee!

6.20 A.M. : Dang it! It’s yowling and vibrating near my head but I can’t find the damn phone.

6.21 A.M. : Ah, there it is; hiding between the mattress and the wall.

6.22 A.M. : Brush teeth, shower and get dressed (no makeup and hair is still in a messy knot).

6.40 A.M. : Downstairs. Coffee! Okay, finally beginning to wake up.

7.00 A.M. : Head upstairs again. Wake kids up – tickle under their feet, make fart sounds on chubby stomachs…

7.15 A.M. : Herd kids to the bathroom.

7.40 A.M. : By now, I feel like a sweaty octopus, getting two wriggly toddlers dressed. (Miss the Mr. It’s not so chaotic when he’s around). Troop downstairs with them and set them at the kitchen table with breakfast. My mom/dad takes over from me.

7.45 A.M. : Consider taking a shower again but dismiss the idea quickly – no time! Wash my face and quickly apply some makeup (my faithful concealer, foundation powder, and eyeliner).

8.00 A.M : Grab my backpack, sandals and jump into my car. Turn the air-con on full blast and out I go, to join the morning rush hour. I don’t mind it so much though because the solitude of my car is my favourite place to pray.


8.50 A.M. : Park my car and then realize, oh shit! My hair’s still a mess! Squint into the car vanity mirror that only shows my forehead and try to fix hair.

9.00 A.M. : Peacefully having breakfast at a stall by myself.

9.30 A.M. : Switch mom hat for student hat.

1.30 P.M. : Class ends. Usually, everyone leaves but I pack some lunch from one of the stalls downstairs and stay back to do my assignments. Zero chance of doing it at home, undisturbed.

5.00 P.M. : Feel like I’ve emptied the contents of my brain. Pack up and brave the rush hour once again.

6.00 P.M. : Reach my parents’ place. Even without switching off the ignition, I can hear the kids squealing Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! from inside the house. Little faces are pressed against the window grill, eyes shining bright with excitement. My heart melts to a pulp.

6.02 P.M. : The kids launch themselves at me as if they haven’t seen me for weeks. With each holding on to one of my legs, I waddle to the sofa for a sticky three-way cuddle. Please don’t grow up so fast (although some days I sorely long for the opposite) – that’s motherhood, isn’t it?


6.30 P.M. : Another round of showers and then it’s dinner. Ah, how nice to come home to my mom’s cooking!

7.30 P.M : Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on and the kids are glued to it.  Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog. Now we got ears, it’s time for cheers. That song is an earworm! I can’t stand the show but at least it buys me time to get some chores done (e.g. prepare the kids’ meals for the next day).

8.30 P.M. : Okay, it’s my turn on the TV. Only two ways to accomplish this: (1) The kids play by themselves (which involves a lot of screaming, jumping and running so I put the TV volume really low and read the subtitles). (2) I give them the Tab. Don’t care as long as I get a break from being responsible.

9.00 P.M. : Warm milk, brush teeth and pajama time.

9.30 P.M. : Bedtime routine: storybook, story requests, and prayer.

9.45 P.M. : Lights out.


So, what’s your ordinary?

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