Me: Being 20 vs 30

Turning 30 – isn’t it like the beginning of the end? At least that’s what it felt like to me. But now that I’m here… there’s a few things I’ve realized.


20: Forever wanting to be thinner, prettier, sexier

30: I wish I could have my 20-something-year-old body back

Hair and Handbags

20: Bouncy and shiny curls (people literally didn’t believe that it was just genes and hair mousse)  but handbags -I cringe when Facebook kindly reminds me what bags I used to carry

30: I kinda have my hair in a “mom-bob” now (low maintenance) but the tradeoff is designer handbags

People’s Opinions

20: I cared too much about what people who didn’t matter thought

30: Who gives a f*ck?


20: Cheap. Cheaper. Cheapest. The first holiday with my besties, the three of us crammed into a tiny room and if anyone had to use the toilet for No.2, the rest of us had to wait outside. Why? Use your imagination, would ya?

30: Just the other day, we were talking about getting a private villa for our next vacay


20: I had one too many frenemies who drained the life out of me

30: Those I count as my friends now are genuine, loyal and even being oceans apart can’t break the bond we share


So there! Being 30 isn’t all that bad, is it?


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