Tear trough rejuvenation

Tear Trough Rejuvenation at NextMed Clinic

If I had a ringgit for every time someone said, “Your dark circles are quite bad”, I’d be stinkin’ rich. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Over more than 10 years, I’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands of ringgit on eye creams, concealers and eye treatments that failed to deliver their promised help. I was looking increasingly tired and haggard but finally… Read more →

Motherhood Dilemmas

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, everyone starts celebrating mothers as these awesome beings of love, sacrifice, and multitasking. All 100% true. But we’re also women human, you know? Imperfect, complicated and contradictory. As much as love and all that other stuff is a part of who we are, so are motherhood dilemmas. So why do we put on a brave front… Read more →

Back When I was Stuck in a Job I Hated

I used to be stuck in a job I hated. Well, it was not so much the job but the working environment. So toxic! The only way I could tolerate the stupid policies and people was by leaving my brain outside the office. However, for financial and personal reasons, I couldn’t quit. I wish my story was unique but it’s not. Just… Read more →

Are You Looking for a Freelance Writer?

Do you want to spread the word about your start-up business? Create content for your website? Need a fresh voice for your publication? Then, it’s time for you to consider hiring a freelance writer you can trust. Me. You know the saying do what you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life? That is the single… Read more →

Mama, What is Sex?

I had my ostrich head jolted out of the sand by one of the topics at a parenting talk at Anne’s kindergarten. ‘Mama, apa itu seks?‘. (Mama, what is sex?) Holy @!$&*%. I didn’t even know the word ‘sex’ until like, what – 11? But that didn’t mean I was oblivious to it until then. I just didn’t know how to… Read more →

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